Why It's Important to Have Your Roof Cleaned

With spring cleaning in full swing, you’re likely tackling all sorts of cleaning projects around your home. There’s one important project you might not have considered, and that’s your roof. Given the fact that your roof stands up to rain and snow throughout the year, and collects twigs, leaves, and the occasional frisbee, you might not normally think that cleaning your roof is important, but there are a number of benefits to be gained from a roof washing service.

Mold and mildew that grows on an uncleaned roof can slowly eat away at the organic particulates in roof shingles and even decking if not attended to. This dramatically reduces the service life of your roof. The damage caused by these organisms can lead to further risks to your home as leaks become prevalent and water damage spreads to the rest of your home. This is why homeowners insurance can cancel your coverage if your roof isn’t cleaned properly.

It’s also worth noting that an unwashed roof is unsightly. Some homeowners associations or local governments have regulations that require your home be kept to a certain appearance, and an unwashed roof can violate these rules, leaving you at risk for expensive citations. What’s more, if your home is up for sale, an unsightly roof can affect the curb appeal of your home, giving a negative first impression to prospective buyers who assume a dirty roof may also be damaged roof.