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“A beginning is a very delicate time.” -  Frank Herbert

Starting your new roof off right will ensure you get years and even decades to come of excellent protection and satisfaction from your new roof. That’s why selecting the right installer is a challenging, yet important journey for you as a homeowner.

What type of shingles do you want?  What about underlayment?  Does the flashing need replaced?  Do you prefer ridge vents, box vents, or something altogether different?
The options can be overwhelming.

There are many things to consider when installing or replacing your roof.

New Heights is here to help!

We are experts in roofing, from the decking to the ridge vents, and we can not only help you find the right answers to these questions, but also help you understand how the cumulative whole of your roof works together to give you the lifetime of satisfaction you need!

We offer your choice of warranties to ensure you have the peace of mind you need, and financing is available for those unfortunate situations where you may be facing an unexpected roof replacement need!  

We hope to earn your trust and your business, but regardless of who you hire, we will provide you with the tools you need to find a roof that's functional and affordable.