Keep a roof over your head.

For most of us, that phrase is about much more than just a roof.  It's about providing a safe place for your family. When your roof needs repaired, it's about more than fixing a part of your house.  It's about protecting what is valuable to you.  We get that.

If fixing your roof were quick, easy, and affordable, you would probably have done it already. Our goal is make the process just that. 

We are quick to respond to our customers and set appointments.  You'll never have to track us down. 

We are easy to reach and easy to talk to.  You can ask as many questions as you want and expect to receive a straight answer every time.

We look for affordable solutions to the problem and we offer financing through WiseTack.  We won't attempt to scare you into spending more than you can afford.

tree fell on roof

Regardless of who installed your roof originally, New Heights can help with any kind of damage:

⋅ Storm Damage

⋅ Loose shingles or flashing

⋅ Rotted fascia

⋅ Improper installation

⋅ Falling trees

⋅ Leaks

⋅ Sagging rooftops

⋅ Heavy snow

⋅ Aging roof

Take the first step in protecting your home, give us a call.  

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