What Home Repair Tasks Are You Letting Slide

The lights need to go up, the tree needs to come out of the attic, and you have fifteen different parties to go to for just this week. The holidays are a busy time in most homeowner’s lives, and you likely feel like you have about a dozen things that need doing at any given point in time. With all of the busy work that needs done and your family likely running in seven different directions at once, (and there’s only five of you, so that’s quite a trick) you likely find yourself forgetting some things. Chances are, some of those things are important (you can’t leave little Kevin home alone for a week again this year, make a note of it) and some things are quite so important. (really, your mother-in-law can walk home from the airport, I’m certain she won’t mind or complain about it for week)


When it comes to your home repair, you’ve probably got a number of things that fall into either category. That loose toilet handle probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you’re going to have people in and out of your house all day, it could leave you with a nasty shock of a water bill come January. Other items may have an even more immediate impact though, and while it might be easy to brush them off, they are worth your attention. 


Get your heater checked out

We’re now officially in the season where the cold nights are no longer an occasional surprise, rather the constant expectation, and while you’re heater may have been doing a good job so far, the last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise when it suddenly decides to kick off in the middle of the night and your spouse wakes up with a layer of frost over their face and the kids start pretending to “smoke” as their breath fogs up at the breakfast table. Getting your heater cleaned and inspected is a crucial chore, preferably in the fall but if you haven’t done it yet, now is the time. Getting your heater checked out by a qualified professional can help identify any risks that might be present, and ensure that any unseen underlying issues are addressed before they can cause catastrophic damage in just a few months when you’re least expecting it. 


Get your hot water heater checked out

Almost as bad as getting a surprise loss of heat in the middle of winter is the unpleasant surprise of discovering there’s no hot water for your shower on some cold winter morning. Getting a periodic inspection and tune up of your hot water heater is a great way to ensure your family will remain happy and freshly bathed on even the coldest days of the year. Checking for hard water damage and particle buildup can ensure you prevent possible issues long before they begin, and checking your overflow valve can prevent costlier repairs that can result from a over-pressurized hot water heater. Get your heater flushed, the overflow valve and anode rod checked, and the gas and exhaust lines inspected to ensure no unpleasant surprises are waiting for you in these cold months.


Get your roof checked out

Finally, the part of your home that keeps the snow and rain off of your heads, that literally makes your home a shelter, your roof needs some attention in these winter months. A professional inspection from New Heights Roofing can ensure that any issues, from loose shingles to water damaged decking is identified and addressed long before the horrible Christmas morning gift of a leaking roof is dumped on your festivities. We’ll identify issues for you when they’re small and easily addressed, instead of you waiting until they’ve become larger issues that can’t be ignored, like when the reindeer decoration comes through your roof and lands on your bed in the middle of the night. In the midst of holiday business, it’s easy to get distracted, but just a few minutes of attention can save you time and stress down the road. So call New Heights Roofing to schedule your roof inspection today!

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