Roofing Warning Signs You Need to Be Aware Of

Chances are, you don’t spend a whole lot of time up on your roof. Most homeowners spend the majority of their time not paying much in the way of attention for the roof that’s over their heads. For some more cognizant homeowners, they may do a periodic check in the spring or fall, going into the attic or crawlspace to look around for any obvious signs of damage or trouble brewing, but even then may not know what to look for beyond no visible holes in the roof. Being armed with better information helps keep you, as a homeowner, better prepared for keeping your home safe. Here’s just a few signs to watch out for that can help you identify trouble may be brewing.


Pooling water on your roof

Your roof is designed to channel water away from the roof and drain out through your gutter system. Because of this, if you see water pooling in spots on your roof, it may indicate possible issues. Those issues may lie with your roof itself or may be tied to gutter problems that, if not addressed in a timely manner, will lead to roofing problems. We work with our partners, Cincy Gutter Boys, so that no matter what the root cause is of pooling water on your roof, one phone call lets you address the issue right away. 


Frost or condensation in unexpected places

Long before you’d spot more obvious signs of roofing trouble like leaking water, smaller scale condensation, or in case of colder weather frost, on the inside of your home, particularly in the attic or crawlspace area, is a sign of possible roofing issues or the future possibility of such. These may be signs of a pierced or otherwise compromised underlayment, or could indicate issues with the ventilation of your roof. Either way, it usually indicates that either moist air from inside your home is getting improperly trapped under your roof and creating a scenario to lead to moisture damage, or it could indicate that outside elements are seeping in. 


Blocked ventilation

Your roof should be constructed with a variety of ventilation apparatuses, and all of them play a necessary part. If you notice that any of the vents in your roof are blocked, this is in and of itself a serious problem, but could be a sign of other issues. Depending on what’s blocking your vent, it may indicate loose fittings or improperly installed hardware. 


Asphalt granules running off the roof

If your home is like the majority of buildings in the Cincinnati area, you’ll likely have asphalt shingles on your roof. These are durable yet affordable shingles that protect your roof from the harshest abuse that can be brought by the elements. Over time, these shingles will show some wear and tear, but if you start to notice a high amount of “sand” made up of the granules that are on these shingles ending up in your gutters or washing out into your yard, it would indicate your shingles are reaching the end of their shelf life and will need replaced. It could also indicate some broader issues are causing the shingles to break down faster than they should be, possibly due to higher than usual debris on the roof or pooling water as mentioned above.


If you see any of these subtle signs of possible roofing issues, or more obvious indications like leaking water or missing shingles, you need to get your roof assessed by a professional as soon as possible. Catching roofing issues early can be the difference between an unplanned for repair and a costly major project, even the need for a full roof replacement. Contact us today to schedule your roof assessment by our team!

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