Commercial Roofing

It’s the hottest new thing on the airwaves! All the kids are playing it, when it comes on the radio, people stop their conversation to listen to it. We’ve even heard of a few crazy cats that have been dancing to it! (okay, not really, but it’s a fun visual to imagine)

New Heights Roofing has a new radio commercial out that we recorded at Star 93.3! This has been a great way to help get our message out about the great work we do here at New Heights! We’re proud of our crews and the hard work they do, and we’re excited about this opportunity to share that work with more potential clients.

One of our commercials highlights the fact that our roofs are “air tight” and that if you were to flip your home over, the roofs we install would float! That means that in the harshest storms or heaviest rains, you can count on a roof from New Heights Roofing to keep you, your family, and your home indoors dry. With colder weather on its way, that also means a New Heights Roof will keep your heating bills down, combined with proper insulation our airtight roofs will make sure you’re paying to heat your home, not the outdoors!

Another one of our commercials helps to highlight our values as a company. We are proud of the way we work with our employees to give them lives that aren’t merely about earning a paycheck, but also being treated with dignity and finding spiritual fulfillment. We also donate a portion of every job to charity, because we believe as a business we should be at the forefront of fueling change in our society. 

Have you heard one of our commercials on Star 93.3? If so, give us a shout out on Facebook! And you can call us today to schedule your roof inspection and see how we can help you be prepared for the coming months and keep your family warm and dry while working with a roofing company you can trust!

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