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As we enter into the closing days of 2019, ending both the year and the decade, we thought it was an appropriate time to stop and look back at some of our favorite memories from this past year.


Sharing knowledge

As always, we’re proud of the hard work we put into our blogs each and every month, delivering helpful information to keep you educated on your roof and the risks it faces. Unlike some roofing companies, we don’t try to talk down to you or hold back information. We enjoy sharing what we know with our clients because you aren’t just customers, your neighbors. We offered advice on whether selling your house means you need to get a new roof. We also gave some frank advice on how you can know whether it’s time to repair or replace your roof, helping you know some of the questions you need to ask before taking the step of making such an important purchase. We also put together this helpful and informative post explaining the different kinds of venting you may find on your roof, and helping you understand what venting does. 


Debuted our new commercials

We had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with our friends at Star 93.3, and with their help and hard work we put together two new radio commercials that helped to spread the message of the services we offer. We’re proud of our hard work and dedication to our community, and these commercials offered a great chance to get that word out! There’s nothing that helps you focus on what you really have to say as a business like needing to boil your message down to a short radio message designed to catch people’s attention in between listening to music and being stuck in traffic. This was such a great experience, and we hope you enjoyed hearing these messages when they went out on the air!


Blue Bucket Group

We were so excited to join in with some of our other partners and members of the community to roll out the Blue Bucket Home Repair Group on Facebook! This is still a new opportunity and in its early stages of development, but we’ve already seen some great chances to engage with members of the Greater Cincinnati communities, and working to help our neighbors learn more about their homes and the work it takes to keep them in the best shape possible. If you haven’t joined the group yet, you absolutely should! Unlike so many other neighborhood groups on Facebook, we have dedicated partners working as administrators throughout the day to make sure spam and fraudulent posts are addressed quickly, keeping the focus of the group on honest growth and learning opportunities!


Be the Light

One of the highlights of our year every year is the Annual Banquet for Reset Ministries! This is a great ministry and service opportunity we’ve been proud to be involved with that helps men and women in the area that are struggling with addiction to find new hope, connecting with a community that helps to find concrete tools to deal with addiction as well as connect with a spiritual path that helps them to develop and grow as the people they were meant to be before addiction took over so much of their lives. This past year’s banquet theme was “Be the Light” and we were overjoyed to share in the success stories of all the wonderful people, residents and their family and other loved ones, that Reset was able to help! We’re already looking forward to next year’s banquet, you can find more information here!


With all of the wonderful successes and opportunities that 2019 brought, we certainly can feel the temptation to spend all of our time now looking back with sadness at the time we’re leaving behind. But 2020 has so much to offer, so much we can’t even begin to expect to explain yet, that we can’t wait to meet it head on! From all of us here at New Heights Roofing, we hope you and yours had an amazing year and that your new year is just as bright!

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