Why You Should or Shouldn't Sit on Your Roof

As the temperatures finally begin to drop around Cincinnati and summer heat eventually leaves us behind, we find more and more homeowners trying to get outside and enjoy these last few months before winter cold steps in to chase us indoors for the remainder of the year. Whether it’s sitting on your front porch or enjoying a backyard fire pit, you’re hopefully getting some fresh air and a chance to look at the stars. 

For some homeowners, unfortunately, they may not have these options. Maybe your porch or backyard simply doesn’t allow for such outdoor activities. Or maybe you’d prefer something a little less ordinary. Maybe you’ve seen movies where the wanderlust struck teenager climbs out of their bedroom window to lay back on the roof and look at the sky, wondering what the future could bring, and your nostalgia has you wanting to recreate such an experience. 

Unfortunately, for many homes, this is simply not a workable idea. First, most home roofs just aren’t designed for walking or sitting on. While your roof is designed to withstand a wide variety of abuse and damage, the simple act of walking or sitting on a roof creates a hazard that the roof isn’t necessary made to withstand. The weight of a person, especially a full grown adult, on a single targeted spot of the roof could create significant stress on the roof. Not to mention the fact that walking around on the roof could loosen or even remove shingles depending on how you’re walking, the type of shoes being used, and how old the shingles are. And all of this ignores what’s possibly the most important reason to not sit or walk on your roof. If you aren’t an experienced roofer, you’re taking a huge risk to your own safety walking around on your roof. Even professional roofers face significant risk, with thousands injured nationwide every year, and they’ve got the training and equipment that you likely lack. 

You can spend money to make your roof suitable for sitting and even outdoor entertainment. Many businesses may see a financial benefit to designing their building with rooftop outdoor seating areas, with some restaurants finding that such a space can help set them apart in a highly competitive industry. This must be built into the roof design though, ensuring that it’s properly reinforced and protected against the additional wear and tear that such traffic will create. 

If you think your roof might be suitable for outdoor activities, contact us today for an inspection.

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