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Why is Your Roof Making That Noise

Few things can be disconcerting as random unidentified noises in your home, particularly if they’re coming from your roof. Of course, the stress this causes gets turned up another notch if you have recently purchased your home. All the noises, large or small, become quiet questions in the middle of the night asking you if you’ve made a mistake with your choice of home. The high cost of a new roof is likely running through your head and you’re wondering how bad it could possibly be. 


The good news is, there is a high chance that you’re not looking at as serious of an issue as you might initially expect. Random noises, particularly popping and creaking is completely normal with older homes, especially in the most extreme days of summer and winter. Most of these noises you hear are going to be the result of thermal change in your roof. An asphalt shingle roof can get up to 170 degrees on a hot summer day, as the dark shingles absorb and store heat. This heat gets transferred to the decking and frame of your home. Once night comes, the house then cools. The metal and wood in your home’s construction expands and contracts over time as these temperature swings come and go. The good news is, your home should be constructed to take this into consideration. There will be gaps and expansion joints built into your home to allow this shifting to not cause damage. You’ll only hear the noise. 


There are some other random sounds you may hear besides those caused by the slow heating and cooling of your home by the sun. When you first turn on either your heating or air conditioning system each eason, you may hear some specific knocking sounds that will come from a similar thermal reaction in your air ducts in the home. If you hear scratching sounds, that is going to be a concern, as it indicates the infestation of your home by rodents like mice or chipmunks, which could cause damage over time. 

Of course, to give yourself the best peace of mind, get regular inspections of your roof by our qualified professionals. We’ll verify the condition of your decking, underlayment, and shingles, as well as identify for your any issues that may be connected to these components. Contact us to schedule an inspection today!