What Type of Shingle Should I Buy

Deciding what kind of shingle to buy can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many brands and types, that it can be easy to be confused on what you need to consider and how to make a decision. The truth is that almost all shingle manufacturers are generally producing the same quality product and are generally the same in cost. Where differences come in is the styles of shingle that are available for each company. So instead, we’ll look at the items that actually go into the differences.


We should mention up front, that we do not currently install metal roofs or rubber roofs. There are a number of other factors and issues with these roof styles which we’ll leave for discussion on some other day.


Three Tab shingles are the most standard type. They are comprised of a single layer, with a flat look to them. They are standardized in tab size and color, and typically weigh less than other shingle styles. Three tab shingles are a generally more affordable option and weigh less, because they include less material than other shingle types. This makes three tab shingles a favorite of rental properties and lower value homes. However, three tab shingles must be replaced more often, making them more expensive for long term homeowners.  


Architectural Shingles, on the other hand, are typically thicker and comprised of more material than a three tab. This means they are more resistant to wind damage and will have a longer service life. Architectural shingles will have a less standardized size and shape, leading to a more varied and “textured” look to your roof once they are installed.  Typically speaking, they’ll weigh about 50% more than a three tab shingle due to the extra material, so this will need to be considered when installing them. They also are more expensive than three tab shingles, but because they are more durable, over time they typically represent a better investment for a long term homeowner


Prices of shingles can vary greatly depending on the style you wish to have, but for most roofs that are put on today we recommend the architectural shingle, but we’ll be happy to review your options and help you make the best decision for your home!

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