brown spot on ceiling

When a brown spot appears on your ceiling, it may not be immediately obvious where the water is coming from. Earlier we looked at places to check if you are struggling to identify the source of a roofing leak. Today, we are going into more detail about what exactly to look for when you are inspecting your roof.


pipe boot roof leak

Pipe Boots

Pipe boots are the rubber collars that go around the pvc or cast iron pipes that protrude through the roof from the plumbing system in your home. The rubber will deteriorate over time and allow water to run in around the pipe.

roof flashing repair


Flashing is designed to keep water on the outside and protect your home. It can be found along the edge of the roof or any place where there is a hole in the roof. Check the flashing where the first floor of your home meets the wall going up to the second floor. Leaks can also pop up around chimneys, plumbing pipes, and along the edge of the roof.

shingles coming up repair

Nail Pops

You may have heard of nail pops when referring to drywall. Similarly, every once in a while one of the nails that attach the shingles to your roof can work it’s way out. You might notice a little nail head showing through your shingles, or the shingle might be lifted where the nail beneath has risen.

roof vent leak


Most roofs have vents. There will either be a ridge vent, all the way at the peak of the roof, or a box vent which is a small metal box near the peak. These are both great places to check for leaks. Look for exposed nails that may be rusted, which allows water to run down into your home.

Leaks can be pretty difficult to identify, even for an experienced professional! The best thing you can do is call a roofing contractor that you trust to help you find the source of your leak. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes.

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