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When you snuggle up in bed at night, the blanket and sheets you use are important. The wrong blanket or sheets can cause many sleepless nights. The blanket on top is more visible, so it should match the room, but it also needs to be the correct size. The sheets get less attention, but they need to fit the bed well and be the right material.


Shingles are a lot like the blanket and underlayment the sheets. In the roofing industry, a lot of attention is paid to the blanket, and very little given to the sheets. While the shingles on your roof are important for both functional and aesthetic purposes, underlayment has benefits that are important to the homeowner as well.

roofing underlayment near Cincinnati, OH
waterproof roofing felt

What do I need to know about underlayment?

♦ Underlayment, also called roofing felt, is the barrier that goes between your shingles and the wood decking underneath.

Roofing felt is waterproof. It adds another layer of protection to your home that will prevent leaks if a small amount of water happens to find its way through your shingle roof. It also will protect your roof in the short time before the shingles are installed.

♦ In the event of a storm, underlayment can be the difference between significant damage inside your home, and a simple roof repair. Oftentimes when wind tears shingles off the roof, the underlayment is left intact, protecting your home.

NKY roof storm damage
waterproof roofing felt

♦ Underlayment can make it safer to work on your roof. Depending on how steep it is, installing shingles can be very dangerous. Plywood and plank decking can be very slippery and can cause falls or injury. A properly installed underlayment will provide a safe working environment for the crew.

♦ Underlayment is not just a good idea, it’s the law! In nearly every municipality and state, the building code for a shingle roof states that it must have a layer of roofing felt.

Hopefully you’re sold on the importance of adding underlayment during your roof installation. Just like sheets, there are options to choose from that you should be aware of. We’ve explored the pros and cons of most common types of underlayment. Check it out and impress your friends with your underlayment knowledge!


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