What Types of Roof Warranties Do We Offer

Your roof is one of the most important purchases you will make with it comes to caring for your home. Not only does your roof do the lion’s share of work when it comes to protecting you from the elements, a new roof can impact your home in a variety of ways, including your home insurance rates! Purchasing a new roof is also one of the most expensive purchases you will make when it comes to caring for your home as well, though. This leaves many homeowners concerned before they make the leap about whether they’re making the right decision. What happens if something damages that new roof in only a few years?

That is why we have two different types of warranties to fit your budget. Giving you the power of choice, but also the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered with a good purchase decision. Each of the warranties offers you coverage for your shingles as well as our workmanship, you decide on the timeline that works for you.

The New Heights Standard Warranty is, as the name suggests, our standard warranty. It comes with a 10- year shingle manufacturers warranty as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty. This is a great choice if you’re on a limited budget, but still want the peace of mind that comes with warranty coverage. This is a great investment, giving you solid value while still saving some cash in the short term.

The New Heights Elite Warranty though is the step up. This warranty provides you with truly long term peace of mind as a  50-year shingle manufacturers warranty as well as a 50-year workmanship warranty. This warranty is also transferrable, meaning it has a great benefit on the value of your home if you are considering a sale.

We trust that this information has been useful in informing you on what goes into putting on a good roof. We want you to know that by contracting with New Heights Roofing you are contracting with people that has a proven track record of over 12 years of impeccable service.

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