What to Know About Wind & Your Roof

It’s been a turbulent season here in the greater Cincinnati area, and as always, wind has played a factor in much of our weather concerns. While things like ice and heat damage are restricted to specific seasons, it seems like there’s no time of year that is safe from the problems heavy wind can cause for your roof. We regularly get questions about what can be done with wind damage, and thought it would be worthwhile to take a moment to share a few facts.

Wind damage is not always going to be visible from the ground. Wind damage is caused when wind blows in under the shingles for your roof, lifting them up and separating them from the roof or loosening their mounting to the roof. The shingles may blow away, but often they’ll come back down, laying on the roof but no longer as firmly connected. This can make leaks easier or create a risk for further damage when the next storm comes through. Because of this, it’s usually a good idea to have a roof inspector take a closer look at your roof to get a better idea of the actual state of the roof. Other than the shingles, flashing and venting can also be dented, especially with extremely high winds mixed with hail.

Insurance may cover the cost of your roof in the event of wind damage, but it will be highly dependent on your individual policy. The best first step is to contact your insurance provider and ask about your policy coverage and what factors will need to be considered. It’s worth noting that if the wind damage is exacerbated by water damage to your roof or is connected to a larger “act of god” like a tornado, that can also affect your policy coverage. It’s also important to make sure you act in a timely manner as your insurance policy may have a time limit on when you can file a claim for the damage.

Regardless of how much damage has been done to your roof or what your insurance policy is, a great first start is to give us a call and schedule a roof inspection. We can give you the details of what’s been damage and what steps will be required to complete the repair. Call us today!

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