Maintaining Your Roof: 5 Tips for a better looking, longer lasting roof

Everybody knows you have to maintain your roof. But how? Here are 5 quick tips to keeping your roof looking and functioning its best all year long.

Visually Inspect

In Spring and Fall, check for common problems like these:

  • loose or missing shingles
  • damage to the flashing around chimneys, skylights, or vents
  • gutters that are detached, sagging or broken
  • bare or discolored patches on the roof
  • areas that are sagging

If you can't see much of your roof without climbing onto it, call us for a free inspection!

home roof inspection
independent roof inspector

Trim Nearby Trees

Never let tree branches touch or hang over your house. If possible, keep branches 10 feet or more from the home.

Close branches create a path for wildlife to get to your home and increase the change of damage during a storm.

Visually Inspect

Most homes require gutter cleaning twice a year in order to prevent clogs, wood rot, and other issues.

clean roof and gutters
exterior roof cleaning

Wash Your Roof

Dirt, twigs, moss, and algae can damage your roof and create a fall hazard for anyone climbing on it. Have your roof washed at least once a year to prevent grime from building up.

We do not recommend getting onto a wet, dirty roof unless you're a pro.

Check the Attic

A house with a properly insulated attic is less likely to have ice dams on their gutters, while attic ventilation prevents moisture from cumulating inside the home.

roof inspection after installation

There you have it. Keeping these things in mind should minimize the need for roof repairs and extend the life of your roof. 

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