Advantages of Rain Gutters

For most people, you don’t notice much about your gutters until something goes wrong. The best gutters fly under the radar, but it’s always worth taking a moment to remember all the great things your gutters do for you. The unsung heroes of your home’s construction, your gutters do a number of things to ensure you get a long and happy life out of your home.


Protect the foundations of your home - Arguably the most expensive problem that gutters will help you avert is foundation damage. Without your gutters, water drains directly off your roof and lands on the ground directly next to your home. This water then begins to seep into your home’s foundation, causing long term and exhorbitant repairs. Properly operating gutters prevent this by ensuring that water is instead diverted away from your home and distributed across your yard for even drainage.

Preventing leaks- By ensuring that water is drained off your roof, gutters prevent costly leaks. Without a properly working gutter drainage system, water pools on your roof causing long term water damage, and eventually leaking through. Not only does this leave your roof needing replaced more often, the leaks can create further damage inside your home.

Protecting your home from Mold - Water that isn’t drained away ends up in your walls or your home. While this water can create a great deal of damage on its own, the more dangerous issue is that the water can be followed by mold. Even very small amounts of moisture seeping into your home’s construction can allow the rapid growth of mold. This mold then spreads, not only causing further damage to your home, but as it releases spores it also creates breathing and other health issues for you and your family.


Prevents damage to your landscaping- Your gutters don’t just drain water off your roof, but also make sure that water is drained away from your home. A well organized gutter system will also make sure that water is drained in a way that causes little or no impact to your landscaping. By making sure the rainwater does not turn into flooding and reducing the impact of erosion, a good gutter system protects your landscaping as well as your home.

Again, we hope you don’t have to regularly consider all the things your gutters are doing for you, because they should be working so well it never comes to mind. If, however, you haven’t been getting these benefits from your gutters, give our team of expert consultants a call for an inspection and maintenance on your gutters today.

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