Advice on Box Gutters from the Cincy Gutter Boys

We’re incredibly proud of the work we are able to do in partnership with the Cincy Gutter Boys. With their years of experience working on gutters on homes in the Cincinnati area, they have a unique perspective that they bring to the table when we work on your home. As a fantastic example of that, we want to share with you this article from their site about box gutters, a classic type of gutter usually found on older homes. Box gutters are a special type of gutter that is built into the roof and walls of your home rather than hanging exterior to the homes construction.

Because box gutters are out of view from the ground, they’re often favored in homes that have a stylish architectural exterior. Unfortunately, because of this out of view nature, it’s often easy for box gutters to go without getting attention, as you can’t as easily spot from the ground when box gutters are clogged or leaking. What’s worse, because of the way box gutters are set into your home rather than sitting exterior, leaks in box gutters can quickly lead to serious damage for your roof and walls on your home. This is a great example why we appreciate the partnership with Cincy Gutter Boys, because when these kinds of box gutter issues lead to roof damage, we work together to ensure that the problem is completely addressed, not only repairing the damage that’s been done, but that the underlying issue is corrected to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Whether you have box gutters or not, call us today for a complete check of your gutters and roofing! We are here to give you the best experience possible and make sure you get years of satisfaction from your home.

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